Children’s Orthotics

As parents, it’s our responsibility for the well-being of our children. The importance of our children’s feet is often overlooked as they are developing into young adults. Many of the troubles we have as adults, such as back pain and arthritis, can often be prevented or delayed with the use of custom orthotics.

Your child’s need for orthotic therapy to improve foot and leg function should be determined by having a complete biomechanical evaluation and gait analysis. If the Chiropodist or Podiatrist believes custom orthotic therapy is the right choice for you child(ren), a cast impression would be taken of both feet. Custom orthotics are fitted to your child’s footwear and help their feet perform efficiently. Controlling abnormal foot function and accommodating any developmental anomalies will allow your child’s feet to develop in the more optimal position.

My child has flat feet. Will they grow out of it?

Your child will go through stages of being flat footed, knock kneed and being bow legged. This can be normal depending on what stage of development they are at. If you notice that your child’s foot problem is beyond the normal range for their development or if there is a strong family history of being flat footed, orthotics may be prescribed to correct the problem and promote better development.

What happens if my child outgrows their orthotics?

Your child’s orthotics are generally okay for a change of 1.5 to 2 shoe sizes. Your child may experience a growth spurt and may find that the orthotics feel uncomfortable. It’s likely that they have outgrown their orthotics. At the Mount Joy Foot Clinic & Orthotic Centre, children 16 years of age and under have the option of enrolling into a no-fee outgrowth program that significantly reduces the cost to replace orthotics that have become too small.

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