Diabetic Socks

simcan diabetic cotton comfort socksDesigned for Health, Created for Comfort!

The soft all natural combed cotton embraces your foot in a nonbinding ergonomically perfect fit. This super stretchy sock is designed to comfortably fit almost any size foot and leg without restricting the wearer’s natural circulation. The comfort element is further enhanced by the entirely flat toe seam and moisture wicking fibres. Wear a pair and you’ll agree that these are quite possibly the most comfortable pair of socks you’ve ever worn. Simcan socks are perfect for anyone dealing with diabetes, poor circulation, edema, arthritis, wide ankles.

Available in various lengths (lo-rise, mid-calf and over-the-calf) and colours.

Features of the Simcan Comfot Sock:

  • Wide cross stretch: Knit with high stretch memory retentive fibers that allow the sock to mold to almost any leg size withour pinching or binding.
  • Smooth seams: Hand stitched toe seam to provide the smoothest toe seam possible eliminating toe irritation and abrasion.
  • Moisture wicking: Designed to move the moisture away from skin and provide a safe, dry environment for your feet.
  • Easy to put on: loose fitting top. Easy to pull up the leg withour worrying about sag.
  • Sag resistant: Will stay on the leg without leaving marks on the legs.

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